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Ada SimmsAda Simms of Clarke’s Beach passed away in October, leaving a legacy of support for Queen’s College.

Ms Simms, who grew up on Lesley Street in St. John’s as the youngest of three children, has been called a trailblazer who achieved many milestones in her 40 years of nursing. Ada was one of the very first nurses in the province to have obtained a post graduate diploma. She obtained a Bachelor of Nursing Science from McGill University and went on to complete a Master’s degree in Health Science Administration from the University of Alberta. Later she became a student at Queen’s College, where she earned a Masters Degree of Theology. Ada was later recognized as a Serving Sister of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem for her exemplary service and devotion to the public—an honour that was bestowed upon her by the Governor General of Canada in 1999.

Ms Simms served as President of the association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador. In that role she was instrumental in bringing about a number of changes, including the transition from basic nursing education to baccalaureate education within the province.

A number of years ago, Ada purchased an annuity with the Anglican Church of Canada which gave her a life income. After she passed away, the residue of the annuity went to Queen’s College—the recipient of the annuity. In addition, Queen’s was the named beneficiary of a group insurance policy that Ms Simms had while she was an employee with Eastern Health, and that cheque was received recently.

Dr. Rick Singleton, Provost of Queen’s College, knew Ada both as a student and as a health care administrator, and said she was an excellent student who participated in the life of the Queen’s College community. “Ada was the type who enriched individuals and communities.  She noticed their strengths and their struggles. She affirmed their gifts and supported them with a listening ear, wise advice and a generous heart. She was as good to Queen’s College while here as a student, since she finished here and now with this generous bequest. God bless her!”

Archdeacon Neil Kellett, a long time friend of Ada’s, commented that, “Ada had the highest regard for Queen’s College and the difference it made to her Christian commitment. This act of generosity is her testament.”

What a legacy!

  • Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith is a gift planning consultant for Anglican East NL. He can be contacted at 709 739-5667 or by email.

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