92 Year Old Knitting Her Way To Heaven

Mabel White

Last year, I submitted an article from St. Peter’s Church in Upper Gullies pertaining to the Izzy Dolls that have been sent to third world countries from our parish. Those dolls have brought smiles to so many underprivileged children. The lady in the picture above is Mary Pike, a faithful member of the Salvation Army in Carbonear, who at the age of 92 continues to knit hundreds of Izzy Dolls. Members of our congregation at St. Peter’s, with the aid of ladies from the Salvation Army in Carbonear, have sent approximately 31,000 dolls to countries such as Afghanistan, Haiti, and Guatemala.

All Izzy Dolls are blessed by clergy and packed with care by Mr. John Metcalfe (a former peacekeeper), and are sent with doctors and other healthcare professionals inside humanitarian medical kits, which contain essential medicines and medical supplies. In most cases, the dolls are a child’s first toy and cuddly friend. Thank you to all who donate the yarn/wool, and especially to Mary and all of the knitters. The child who receives the Izzy Doll will certainly know you made something with love and care just for him/her.

“The needy will not be forgotten or the hope of the afflicted perish.” 
Psalm 9:19

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