50 Ways To Leave Your Legacy

Paul Simon photographed by Miho from
Paul Simon photographed by Miho from

My colleague from Vancouver, Glen Mitchell, tried this approach a number of years ago and I thought it would be fun to have a go at it here. In his article, Glen suggested that singer/songwriter Paul Simon was right but for a different reason when it comes to leaving a legacy of love, “the problem is all inside your head.” Instead Glen suggested that legacy giving is more about listening to your heart.

As a gift planning consultant, my job to raise awareness about the benefits of planned giving and to assist you in your prayerful consideration of leaving something in your will for your church. So here goes: “50 ways to leave your legacy;” and as Paul Simon says, “Let’s hit the road Jack.”

  1. Prepare a will.
  2. Prepare an estate plan.
  3. Make a bequest in your will. 
  4. Include a bequest for your parish
  5. Or your diocese. 
  6. Or your cathedral
  7. Queen’s College
  8. Lavrock
  9. Anglican Life
  10. Home Again Furniture Bank
  11. PWRDF
  12. Anglican Charitable Foundation for Children
  13. Bishop Abraham Fund
  14. Anglican Homes
  15. CLB
  16. Deaf Ministry
  17. Hospital Chaplaincy
  18. Mun Chaplaincy
  19. Planned giving ministry
  20. The Anglican Foundation
  21. General Synod
  22. Gift of cabin and/or boat
  23. Anglican Appeal
  24. Council of the North
  25. Youth Ministry Fund
  26. Scholarships for Queen’s College students
  27. Consider gifts of real estate
  28. How about gifts of stocks and/or bonds?
  29. Why not gifts of vehicles?
  30. Or jewelry?
  31. What about an annual gift of appreciated securities for your parish or diocese?
  32. Purchase a gift plus annuity
  33. Or a gift from your RRSPs or RID account.
  34. Make the church the beneficiary of an existing insurance policy
  35. Transfer ownership of a policy to the church.
  36. Create a new insurance policy and name the church as beneficiary.
  37. Remember loved ones with a memorial gift.
  38. Create a donor advised fund that supports a parish in perpetuity.
  39. Think about a gift of private company shares.
  40. Support your rector’s discretionary fund to assist needy families.
  41. Make a bequest for your parish’s endowment fund.
  42. Leave a bequest for your parish’s ministry to the Association for New Canadians.
  43. Or the Single Parents’ Association.
  44. Endow a Chair at Queen’s College.
  45. Create a bursary Fund for young campers at Lavrock.
  46. Make a bequest for the Compass Rose Society – an international ministry.
  47. Be an example to others in your parish, encouraging them to leave bequests to the parish.
  48. “Adopt the Church” as another child in your will.
  49. A gift for ministry in Labrador
  50. Talk with your family about naming your church as memorial gift recipient in your obituary.

There you have it! As Paul says, “Make a new plan, Stan.” If you need information or help in planning these legacy ideas, please contact me.

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