The Rev’d Annie Rose and The Rev’d Cavalle Young ordained deacons

Front row: Deacon Annie Rose, Deacon Cavalle Young, Bishop John Organ, Deacon Karen Loder Back row: Deacon Brenda Strickland, Clarence Coombs, Rev’d Elsie Rose, Archdeacon David Taylor, Alvin Young, Tyler Young
Bishop John Organ

Historic Event in Grey River, Church of the Transfiguration, Parish by the Sea, April 30th, 2023

On a beautiful, clear Sunday morning the bell rang out from the Church of the Transfiguration in Grey River to welcome all to an historic occasion in the life of the Church and the community.  The Rt. Rev’d John Organ was in attendance for the ordination to the diaconate of Cavalle Young and Annie Rose. Not only was it the first ordination in the community, but it was the first ordination of a resident from Grey River.

Both Annie and Cavalle live and work in this picturesque community located on the Southwest Coast of NL. Over the years, they have worked together to establish strong Sunday school and confirmation groups, with young people who are always ready and willing to take part in worship. Cavalle and Annie’s dedication and commitment to God and the Church is shown through their ministry with these youth who are also always eager to participate in Church activities within the community which promote kindness and sharing.

In the reflection he gave at the ordination, Archdeacon David Taylor reminded Annie, Cavalle, and all of us that: “We are called to do our best to serve Christ by our every contribution even to the smallest and seemingly least significant actions that we do. For it’s by our combined works and efforts that God will extend his reach and work ever more gloriously among his people!”

As a parish, and as a diocese, we uphold Cavalle and Annie in their ministry as they continue on this journey, never knowing where God’s call will lead them, but knowing that he will be their guide!


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