St. Peter’s Upper Gullies—knitting dolls for children in need

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By on June 18, 2019
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The full article about this project, by Mable White, will appear in the September print issue of Anglican Life.


St. Peter’s with the leadership of Mabel White became a member of ICROSS Canada  in 2010.  This wonderful organization’s aim is to gather and ship by our Peace Keepers life saving medical supplies, as well as Izzy Dolls to orphanages, and children suffering from HIV or living in deplorable conditions. Our church family and friends have been donating wool and knitting Boomer Caps and Izzy Dolls since that time.  

The dolls are Blessed after they are knitted and picked up by John Metcalfe (a retired Peace Keeper) and Judy Snook from Clarenville.  They box them up and send them to the Head Office of the Peace Keepers in British Columbia.  The boxes are then boarded on the ships with the Peace Keepers going to the third world countries.  Finally they are distributed to the underprivileged children.


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