St. Elizabeth of Hungary

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On November 19th, we remember Elizabeth of Hungary, born in 1207. She is sometimes also known as Elizabeth of Thuringia or St. Elisabeth of Thuringia. She was married at the age of fourteen, but following her husband’s death on his way to join the Sixth Crusade, she regained her dowry and used it to build a hospital at Marburg. She is revered as a symbol of Christian charity, and was made a saint in 1235.

Elizabeth is known for a miracle that happened during her lifetime which is called “the miracle of the roses.” When she was still married and secretly taking for to the poor, she was stopped by a hunting party and asked what she was doing.  Upon opening her cloak, a vision of red and white roses could be seen by her accusers, proving that God’s protection was working over her. She is often portrayed in art carrying bread to show her devotion to helping the poor.

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