Queen’s College: Equipping People To Serve For 180 Years

The Rev’d Dr. Joanne Mercer

As you enter Queen’s College, you are greeted by what we proudly call “our boards.”  It is a record of our students beginning with W.J. Hoyles in 1841. For 180 years, Queen’s College has been receiving, training, and sending people out to serve our communities. In the beginning we only trained people (at the time men) for ministry in the Anglican tradition. But, as you walk along our corridor and read the boards, you quickly see how Queen’s College has grown and adapted to meet the evolving needs of a changing world.

The boards now cover both walls and record the names of people in a variety of programs. We still train people for ordained leadership in the Anglican Church, but our student body also includes people from a variety of denominations—or no denomination at all. We have people who have questions about faith and God and want a safe place to explore. We have folks who want the skills to offer care to friends and neighbours in times of loss and pain.

Each name on those boards is a story of someone who has chosen to equip themselves with the skills they needed to serve. Some have served in the church in towns throughout Labrador and Newfoundland; some have travelled the world. Many serve in the Canadian Armed Forces, deployed where and when they are needed. There are folks on that board who have served in your parish as your clergy and licensed lay ministers. And there are folks on our boards who quietly serve in your community: visiting, praying, and sharing their time and gifts with those in need.

This fall, we will be sharing some of these stories online and encouraging you to consider how you might support the continuing work of Queen’s College. So please follow us on Facebook (Queen’s College, Faculty of Theology | Facebook) and YouTube (Queen’s College – YouTube) and pray for us as we begin this new academic year. And if you are able, please donate to Queen’s College (Donate Now – QUEENS COLLEGE (, and enable us to continue this important work.

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