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N. Bufffett and Lisa Snow

Four memorial Flower Services in the Parishes of Fogo Island East and West

What a blessing! God provided beautiful weather with sunshine and a slight breeze for the Flower Services in the Parishes of Fogo Island East and West. All of the services were well attended and tremendously enjoyed. The Rev’d Neal Buffett spoke on the importance of having these services because it is a time when people come together to remember loved ones and support one another. It is a time to recognize that people are not alone in their grief of losing a loved one. 

After the service, those who attended visited their loved ones’ graves. Some started telling stories about their loved ones and how they missed them or how they impacted their lives. The love and support that filled this time together is what makes Flower Services a heartwarming and comforting tradition. – article by The Rev’d Beverly Buffett; photographs by the Rev’d Neal Buffett

Another succesful yard sale

St Andrew’s church in Fogo held their annual yard sale from June to August. The yard sale was a great success. Thanks to all who donated, volunteered, and supported us. After the season, all of the remaining items were donated to another church. Thanks to the Rev’d Neal Buffett for getting all of the remaining items to St. Martin’s in Gander. God is good. -photograph and article by Lisa Snow

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