New Lay Minister and Eucharistic Assistant

The Rev’d Eli Cross and Glenn
The Rev’d Eli Cross and Glenn
By on February 1, 2021
The Rev’d Eli Cross
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Doris and Glenn
Doris and Glenn

Recently, the Rt. Rev’d John Watton, Bishop of the Central Diocese, announced that Glenn Freake of Port Union had been granted Licenses in Lay Ministry and Eucharistic Assistant Ministry in the Parish of Catalina. On the third Sunday of Advent, December 13th, 2020, the Rev’d Eli Cross presided at an induction worship for Glenn at St Peter’s Anglican Church, Catalina. Glenn received his two licenses from his wife, Roxanne, and mother, Doris, both of whom were a motivational force in his vocation.

A side note: Glenn’s mother, Doris, was the organist for the service. She takes her regular turn (alternating weeks) at this musical ministry, and shows no sign of slowing down: she is in her mid-eighties!


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