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Dear Editor,

I am a lifetime Anglican, and I agree with Dr. Morgan’s view on “Duplication.” During the war years in Gander, we shared a church with the Roman Catholics. There were altars at both ends, benches that reversed (some are in our museum), mass was at 9am, and the protestant service at 11am. This worked well and went on a little after, ‘till all wanted their own building. Can we do the same or similar again?  

Eileen Elms

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your efforts to share diverse opinions in Anglican Life. It’s important to hear from everyone, instead of the same old Baby Boomers telling us what they think the Spirit is saying to the Church, without actually talking to the actual young people they’re writing about.

Activists and advocates for marginalized groups say ‘Nothing about us without us.’ Perhaps if we really care about the younger generations who are most marginalized in our church, we need to spend more time listening to them instead of talking about them. I am thankful for Anglican Life’s efforts to do more of this kind of listening.

Alex Cross

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