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Dear Editor,

In January 2021, an article appeared in  Anglican Life concerning the Rev. Henry Gordon—excerpts from his journal from missionary work in Labrador. I found this most interesting, and I highly commend Rev. Irving Letto.

I am an historian, and in this light I have posted a link to the January edition on the Ancestry profile for Rev. Henry Gordon. I have made contact with a relative who lives on the Isle of Man who was delighted to hear from me, as he knew nothing of the time Rev. Henry spent in Labrador, and would like very much to find out more.

Also in the November 2020 edition, Rev. Irving Letto, again, had a very interesting story about the loss the the S.S. Lion and the death of Rev. Charles Hugh Foster and his new bride Minna (Emerson). I have now created  memorials for Rev. Charles and Minna on the Find a Grave site, and linked Minna to the rest of her family that have been buried in the Forest Road Cemetery.

I feel it is so important to preserve this history and again I commend Rev. Irving Letto in his efforts in this regard. I have included a link here to the Find A Grave profile for Rev. Charles Foster. That site is also linked in with Ancestry, which is of great importance, as those searching for ancestors will get that information also.

Anne Gosse

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