Home Again: Transforming Lives With Furniture and Generosity

Delivering a mattress—changing a life.
Home Again Furniture Bank

“When I received the furniture, I had more time to focus on my health instead of where I was going to sleep each night… and now with consistent support from my doctor, I have the right support so my physical and mental health has improved.” 

This young woman had been shuffled between 17 foster homes before ending up homeless and couch surfing. Although she didn’t feel safe or happy, Leanna’s anxiety about living in an empty, unfurnished house prevented her from finding housing. 

It wasn’t until she heard of Home Again Furniture Bank that Leanna felt hopeful and motivated to find safe, stable housing. Knowing she could receive furniture – for free – meant Leanna could finally start to dream of a different and better future. 

Since that time, things previously impossible have become possible for Leanna: for more than two years, Leanna has maintained housing, a full-time job and a volunteer position on a Board of Directors. Leanna says, “Thank you. But thank you doesn’t seem big enough… my life started over.” 

Thanks to recent support from the Anglican Foundation of Canada for Making Dreams Possible, more people like Leanna will receive a bed to sleep in and the possibility of a better life. 

Every day, Home Again Furniture Bank receives new requests for items as basic as a bed to sleep in and a table to share a meal around. And every week, our volunteers deliver life-changing furniture to people throughout the Northeast Avalon region. 

More and more of our neighbours find themselves struggling without furniture basics: since 2021, Home Again has experienced a dramatic 38% increase in furniture requests. And with virtually every new request, at least one bed is needed. 

The generosity of the Anglican Foundation of Canada will be a tremendous help to those waiting for a bed. You too can have a life-changing impact on the lives of our neighbours. Your donation today will ensure the continued free delivery of the furniture needed to live with comfort, stability and dignity. 

Maureen Lymburner, Director of Development (709) 325-0072 [email protected] 

To make a donation to Home Again Furniture Bank, you can look for them online at:

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