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man's hands resting on a wooden table
Thomas Young’s hands, resting on his new table, provided by Home Again Furniture Bank
Home Again Furniture Bank

Many of you have heard of Home Again Furniture Bank. It’s a nonprofit organization that provides furniture to individuals and families in need. In particular, Home Again provides some of the most vulnerable people in the Notheast Avalon region the means to have a stable home life filled with dignity and comfort.

When you visit their website, you can see many stories from those who have been given this feeling of home thanks to the work of Home Again. Most recent is the story from Thomas Young, a man who ran his own business for years until several thefts left him unable to continue in his work, and he lost everything. Thomas was homeless for a short period of time. He now has a place of his own, and because of Home Again, he can be proud of it. He said, “To have a roof over your head and have nothing in it, I think was probably worse than being out on the street.” When he initially got his place, he had literally nothing, and spent the first few weeks sleeping on the floor. Things like a bed, a couch, a table, chairs, and lamps—simple things that many of us may take for granted, made Thomas’s house a home. The joy was overwhelming, and brought him to tears. “You can have your friends, your family, your people come and visit…We can sit down and enjoy our meals.”

Maureen Lymburner, who is the Director of Development at Home Again Furniture Bank, said, “A home is more than four walls and a roof. It’s the sofa and chairs to comfortably sit with family and friends, it’s a table to share meals around, it’s a bed to lie down on to have a good night’s sleep. A well-furnished home is safer and healthier—mentally and physically, and brings stability.”

The Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador is a founding partner, advocate, ambassador and supporter of Home Again. Each Anglican parish in the Northeast Avalon region has partnered with Home Again and is able to refer individuals and families for the furniture they need to live with comfort, stability and dignity. These partnerships have proven beneficial to many vulnerable citizens because it provides a safety net for those not connected to local social service agencies. This unique partnership also provides an opportunity for parishes to connect and provide ministry to their community in a new and different way.

One clergy member sent a referral for a single mother of two in the weeks before Christmas. The mother’s request was both simple and heartbreaking: she wanted a new bed for her teenage son who had grown so rapidly that his footboard rails needed to be removed so that he could fit in his bed. Home Again was thrilled to deliver this essential piece of furniture in time for Christmas.

The local Anglican community are key stakeholders and much valued supporters of Home Again’s work.

Home Again has many special events through the year, so be on the watch for those. As a nonprofit organization, Home Again’s generosity is possible because of the generosity of of its supporters. Your tax deductible donation will help transform a home and a life.

You can make a donation to Home Again any time. Also, people can contact Home Again to donate their gently-used furniture—details are available on their website, which is:

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