Gifts Given For the “Glory of God”

People accepting gifts given to the glory of God
Dean Catherine Short, Pamela Tibbo (daughter of Lillian Dingwell) and Linda King (daughter of Sadie Dredge)
Connie Lamswood and Sybil Genge
Mary Genie Bowers
Mary Genge Bowers

On Mother’s Day, May 8th, the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Corner Brook dedicated several items “For the Glory of God.” A set of brass candlesticks was given by the ACW and cathedral parishioners in memory of Sarah (Sadie) Margaret Dredge (1922-2019), and Pamela Lillian Dingwell (1926-2019).  

Also dedicated were two white altar linens, one for the main altar and the other for the Lady Chapel, titled “Giving with Grace,” and donated from funds raised by 96-year-old cathedral parishioner Mary Genge Bowers, whose raffled quilt paid for the linens.

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