From St. Peter’s, Cartwright, Labrador

Barbara Mesher

For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down our churches, the congregation of St. Peter’s, Cartwright, Labrador, gathered on Sunday the 17th of January, 2021. The service was led by the Rev’d Gail Williams.

Pictured here are some Sunday school children. At the top of the page, we see them in class. Here on the right, we see Ava Mesher-Burdett who is very happy to be back in church. While she has been participating in virtual Sunday school since last fall, it was good to get back in the building. She is looking forward to “normal” Sunday school starting once it is safe to get back to it. She is five years old.

In the bottom photograph, we see all the Sunday school children and some adults too! In the back row (from left to right), we see Rev’d Gail, Olivia, Amber, Avril, and Abby. In the front row (from left to right, we see Allison with Ben, Ava, Anna, and Isla. Everybody was very happy to get back to in-person Sunday school.

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