Four Poems of Faith

I sit in silence and wait for You
My mind like the inside of a coffee shop
A conversation that won’t stop
With myself, with everyone
I return to the word
Peace – Peace
Peace I wish so desperately to feel
As I dwell on what it means
To be in Your presence
What is the essence of You?
Of me? Of my soul?
I grow old in this chair
Eyes closed, unmoving
And hoping
Praying for some divine message
That I know most likely won’t come
But your Son made a promise
So I can be honest when I don’t feel
You’re still real
And here
So I will sit in silence and wait for You still
Peace – Peace
Until the end of the age. 

A Wild Faith
I want a wild faith
I want to be like the trees
Who submit To the cycle of the seasons
Subject to the way the wind blows
Living out the rhythm of resurrection
Following in the footsteps of Jesus
With roots deep in a foundation not easily shaken
I want to be like the trees
Who, when they fall, do not despair
Instead, giving up themselves
For the rest of this wild and messy church
Returning to the earth from which they came
I want a wild faith
A faith with a purpose in every type of weather
A faith that is rugged, worn, and windswept
That finds a way to grow,
Even if knotted and gnarled
I want a faith that is wise, restless, and ready
Ready to take its place in creation
Ready to greet revelation
Ready to meet God

A light
Brighter than the stars in the night sky
Illumines my soul
I am brought low
By the mercy You bestow on me
I worship thee
For you pour out love like liquid rays
From the sun, cascading
Emanating joy
So deep I feel it in my belly
Hell hath no power over me
I am free from my fear
You cast shadow on my doubt
I cry out
In praise of You
And the grace declared
In this Epiphany
You are Christ
And I am whole

The Beginning of Desire
An unidentifiable tugging in the centre of my chest
An inaccessible yearning in the centre of my mind
An intangible something that leads me toward a new way of being
What does my soul want?
What makes it restless during the mundane moments?
What invites stillness when nothing else has slowed?
That is the beginning of desire
The instant when you recognize God as imminent and transcendent
And ask Him to heal you from the inside out

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