Episcopal Visit To The Parish of Deer Lake

Front Row: Tarah Johnston, Katie Janes, Gabriel Patey, Arron DeSilva Back Row: The Rev’d Marlaine Leggo, The Rev’d Canon Jeffrey Petten, The Rt. Rev’d John Organ, The Rev’d Deacon Ida Patey
Romano DeSilva and Genny Andrews

On Sunday, 9 October, 2022, The Rt. Rev’d John Organ celebrated a number of occasions with the Parish of Deer Lake:
•The Baptism of Brody Jackson Barrett
•The Confirmation of Arron Rein DeSilva, Katie Hope Janes, Tarah Cathy Carrie Johnston and Gabriel Cameron Alan Patey
•The 75th Anniversary of the Parish of Deer Lake
•And; last but not least Harvest Thanksgiving.

The Rev’d Marlaine Leggo was Chaplain, and Deacon Ida Patey (Gabriel’s Nan) of the Parish of Port Saunders, carried out her diaconal roles during the liturgy. The atmosphere in the worship space and in the hall during a potluck meal, was celebratory. In this being the first celebration of confirmation since prior to the pandemic. One parishioner noted, “[It was] great to see some sort of ‘normal.’”

This was indeed a family-oriented day, not only as a church family, but also in the fact that all those who took part in the liturgy, from the readers to the presenters of the gifts and the beautiful cake, which was made by Agnatha DeSilva, were all part of those who were initiated or confirmed in the faith. 

This year, just as it is every year during Thanksgiving, we have much to be thankful for.

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