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There were two misprints in the Septmeber issue of Anglican Life that I wish to correct.

The first is that the article titled “Lenten Quiet Day—Parish of Cow Head” was printed as having been written by Karen Simon. It was written by Nora Shears, and I extend apologies to both contributors to Anglican Life.

The second is in the article “Islandwide Worship on Fogo Island.” The Rev’d Neal Buffett also took part in that special service. I’m sorry that his name did not make it into the print article.

Both of these have been corrected in their online versions on our website.

As I mentioned in my October editorial, I experienced some hardware trouble with my computer just before the deadline for that month’s Anglican Life. I’d like to thank the people at the Anglican Journal and the National Church who helped to get my templates and complete the layout for that paper—I couldn’t have done it without you. And I also want to thank the Rev’d Fred Marshall for his kindness and support.

– Emily F. Rowe, Editor, Anglican Life

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