Community Comes Together for Encouragement and Positivity

The Rev’d Beverly Buffett

It all started with a sheet of plywood in the shed. The Rev’d Neal Buffett, of the Anglican Parish of The Living Water in Arnold’s Cove, wanted to promote encouragement and positivity within the community. He knew that Pastor Taylor, of the Pentecostal congregation in town, had organized a treasure hunt throughout the town, and Rev’d Neal wanted to build upon this to help continue to encourage and engage the community. He called a parishioner and asked if their children could paint the logo “Hold Fast NL” on the plywood. They eagerly accepted the invitation. Once the sign was completed and mounted beside the church, Pastor Taylor, Pastor Sarah, and Rev’d Neal joined forces and decided to host a poster contest. Community businesses donated the 12×12 boards which would be decorated for the contest and also five prizes for the draw. It was a great success, and people continue to drive by the church to admire these uplifting posters messages.

In these times of uncertainty, mission and outreach have been a challenge. This initiative was a great beginning. With God’s help, Pastor Taylor and Rev’d Neal are already planning their next outreach endeavour.

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