Bishop Watton Leads Walk of Hope in Central Diocese

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Bishop John Watton, Central Newfoundland

On October 24th, Bishop John Watton and the Diocese of Central Newfoundland, participated in a Walk Of Hope, together, in different communities across the diocese. On a personal note, Bishop John wished to offer thanks on the occasion of the ten-year anniversary as a cancer survivor, and also to use the walk as a powerful symbol of hope, faith, and thanksgiving.

Participants from Gambo

A statement from the diocese said, “In this time of uncertainty and change, the Bishop is asking each parish to participate in some way to unite our Diocese in prayer and action.” People were invited to join Bishop Watton (who was walking in Gander), or hold their own events from 8am until noon on the 24th. Donations, made as an outward sign of support, were accepted by the Diocese of Central Newfoundland, to be used for various forms of outreach to those in need of a helping hand in times of illness or need through the Friends of the Bishop Fund. 

Participants from Garnish

There were many participants, and a few are pictured here; these are photographs that were posted on the Diocese of Central Newfoundland’s Facebook page.

Prticipants from Catalina
It wouldn’t be a walk in Newfoundland without a moose sighting!

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