• Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith is a gift planning consultant for Anglican East NL. He can be contacted at 709 739-5667 or by email.


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Choices: Abundance not Scarcity

This column is about choices and giving—not out of scarcity, but of abundance and it is all related to stewardship and planned giving. The Bible

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Lessons Learned

One is never too old to learn! I usually pick up an idea or two when I participate in estate planning presentations even though I

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Gratitude: A Mission Opportunity

It’s April and most of us have finished, or are in the process of completing, our annual tax returns for CRA. That includes putting together

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Contesting A Will­—A Trend Or Not?

Some writers have expressed concerns about a disturbing trend coming out of the United Kingdom—the rising incidence of people challenging wills. This trend, according to

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Act of Generosity To Queen’s College

Ada Simms of Clarke’s Beach passed away in October, leaving a legacy of support for Queen’s College. Ms Simms, who grew up on Lesley Street

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The Right Thing To Do

Over the years, I have heard the angst and agony of a loved one’s passing leaving the partner in the dark about state of their

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