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people gathered for a vestry appreciation BBQ
Central Newfoundland

The Parish of Burin Vestry Appreciation BBQ

The Parish of Burin enjoyed a Vestry Appreciation BBQ in July this year for members of the parish council and the three vestries. It was …

September 2022

The Burgeo Fist Nation, Western Newfoundland

A Time For Reconciliation and Healing in Western Newfoundland

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Surrounded With Light From the Past

Our superb Anglican Life Editor, Emily, makes sure that we bishops have a schedule for our columns. Faithfully, nearer the time the piece is due, …

New metal roof in Margaree Fox Roost

A Church History of Margaree Fox-Roost

The following was taken from the journal of the Rev’d David Blackmore, dated 30 July 1846, and is the earliest reference currently known to the …

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Reasonable and Probable Grounds to Believe

No God in essence renders our human status to that of any other living creature—say that of an earthworm. If no God, why indeed, in …

Grandchildren who walked in the prayer walk in Meadows

Prayer Walk in the Parish of Meadows

  Author Willie Loder

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John Organ

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Reasonable and Probable Grounds to Believe

Surrounded With Light From the Past

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