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people around a table in the common room at Queen's College
Queen's College

Let Us Begin Again

I feel like I am in a cycle of new beginnings. With Advent we start a new liturgical year; in September we began a new …

November 2022

Memorial for Queen Elizabeth II at Cathedral in St. John's

Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Holds Memorial Service for Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

houses destroyed by hurricane Fiona in Rose Blanche

Finding Faith in Difficult Times

“How lonely sits the city that once was full of people!” Lamentations 1:1 We live in a world of change. Sometimes that change is gradual …

people at pariush BBQ

Vestry Appreciation Dinner in Burin

The Parish of Burin enjoyed a Vestry Appreciation BBQ in July of this year for members of the parish council and the three vestries. It …

Priest cutting cake at leaving party

Farewell to Rev’d Gloria

On Sunday, September, 11th, the congregation and friends of the Parish of Heart’s Content gathered for a celebration of Holy Communion and a pot luck …

Special Guests in Codroy

On July 31st, 2022, Holy Trinity Church in Codroy welcomed two special guests: the Rev’d Gerald Moore and the Rev’d Ralph Moore. The brothers, who …

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Thursdays In Black: Why it Matters

Speaking of Mental Health…

Denise Rees: A Glowing Example of Witnessing

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