May 2022

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Prayers For Ukraine

Confirmation Class 2022 Port aux Basques

Confirmation Class in Port aux Basques­—Learning About Stewardship and Helping People

The confirmation class of St. James’ Church in Port aux Basques just completed their stewardship project, raising a total of $2230. Each student was given …

The Way of Love

The Way of Love

At our recent Diocesan Synod, we were called to refocus on becoming a more missional diocese, and a more missional people. I know that “mission” …

Church sign from St. Mark's in St. John's

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Remember that song written in the 60’s by Beatles member George Harrison? The  words convey his dismay at the world’s unrealized potential for universal love.  …

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Why Do We Go To Church?

When I was a teenager, I remember having a conversation with my father about why I had to go to church. At the time, many …

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John Organ

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Reasonable and Probable Grounds to Believe

Online Worship Is Real

Imago Dei

Why Do We Go To Church?

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

The Way of Love

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